Merle Lifson-Dettori

Marriage, Relationships and Individual Counselling

Join me on a Journey of Self-Discovery, Healing and Transformation

I offer a safe, supportive and holistic approach to inner healing, guided by the belief that we all have within us our own innate wisdom and that the difficulties and challenges we face always provide us with the opportunity to grow in understanding, consciousness and compassion. Through our pain and our suffering we can become more whole, healthy and authentic human beings.

I specialise in:

  • Marriage / Relationships
  • Bereavement, Grief & Loss (including Loss of a Pet)
  • Emotional Distress, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma & Stress Management
  • Personal Development

“Merle has been a real gift. She is skilled and talented and capable and wise and generous and sincere and trusting and thoroughly good. She has helped me to climb out of the miasma of helplessness and nurture a strength that now sustains me when I start feeling overwhelmed.”

“Thank you for seeing me today. I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I know it is early days yet. Thank you for not judging me and giving me clarity on issues that we went through today.”

“Often I think of you, quote you, memorize and intuit that which you shared with me in my deepest darkest moments … and I tribute my healing largely to how you held me during the time when I was falling apart.”


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Merle Lifson-Dettori

Merle Lifson-Dettori
IMAGO Relationship Coach & Holistic Clinical Counsellor in Private Practice in
Sedgefield and Knysna

Professional Registration: ASCHP and CCSA 

For more information:
044 343 2228 OR Cell: 083 709 0467

Counselling also offered online : Skype user name:Merle Lifson-Dettori