“Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t”

– Erica Jong –

As an IMAGO Relationship Coach and Registered Holistic Clinical Counsellor, I offer a safe, supportive and compassionate environment, and a practical, holistic and integrated approach to inner healing, guided by the belief that we all have within us our own innate wisdom, and that the difficulties and challenges we face always provide us with the opportunity to grow in understanding and consciousness, and through our pain and our suffering, become more whole, healthy and authentic human-beings.

I married late in life at the tender age of forty-six for the first time and was, more than less, very happily married for seventeen wonderful years, thanks in part to my husband and I both choosing to participate in the IMAGO process, until my husband passed on.

“The best relationship is when your love for each other exceeds your need for each other”.”

– Dalai Lama –

I am extremely passionate about my work and passionate about IMAGO methodology. I believe that marriage and relationships provide us with the most powerful vehicle to do the work on ourselves and by default on each other. Working with couples using IMAGO methodology is a major focus in my Practice and I find the work both challenging and almost always, satisfying and rewarding. It is my belief that communication, ultimately, is a function of the soul and that intuition is seeing with the soul. This is what guides and informs my life and my work. My goal in life is to become a better human-being, a better therapist and to become the person my dogs believe me to be.

My greatest goal in life is to become the person my dogs believe me to be.

“The authentic self is the soul made visible”
– Unknown –

merle-photoMerle Lifson-Dettori

IMAGO Relationship Coach & Clinical Counsellor in Private Practice
Registered with the Council for Counsellors. Reg. No. IR 1660

For more information please contact Merle in Sedgefield 044 343 2228 OR Cell: 083 709 0467.
Counselling also offered via SKYPE : User name:merlie.lifson
Email: merlie@wam.co.za