“Merle has been a real gift. She is skilled and talented and capable and wise and generous and sincere and trusting and thoroughly good. She has helped me to climb out of the miasma of helplessness and nurture a strength that now sustains me when I start feeling overwhelmed.”

–       3rd September 2008

“I just wanted to share a thank you. You have been and continue to be an amazing guide on this journey I am taking.”

–       8th November 2010

“Thank you for seeing me today. I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I know it is early days yet. Thank you for not judging me and giving me clarity on issues that we went through today.”

–       18th August 2010

“Often I think of you, quote you, memorize and intuit that which you shared with me in my deepest darkest moments … and I tribute my healing largely to how you held me during the time when I was falling apart.”

–       27th July 2010

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you so much.”

–       4th March 2009

“I do not remember now how long Merle has been helping me cope with my husband’s battle with death and my battle with loss, but from the early days of our relationship she has proved so much more than the ‘agony aunt’ I originally felt I needed. She is extremely skilled and creative and it is a real comfort and joy to find myself living more vitally despite my limitations and the challenging circumstances.”

–       20th November 2008

“Thank you so much for blessing my life for having the privilege to know you and to be guided by you through this healing process.”

–       15th November 2009

“I want to say thank you, thank you to you for your counseling so far; in a gentle and subtle way I found myself feeling better after we spoke, more able to feel regret and sadness, without the terrible degree of flagellating guilt, and I know that your carefully placed counsel played a major part in this. I’m very grateful for your warm and loving support.”

–       1st September 2008

“Thanks again for all the insights and conversations and the great help you have provided on my journey.”

–       24th October 2009

“Merle is really an amazing counselor – she can identify and name the indefinable, push away the shadows, make complicated feelings clear enough to work with.”

–       15th February 2010

“Thank you so much for today. It was a wonderful experience and I feel empowered.”

–       7th December 2009

“I just want to thank you for your dedication and passion that is so obvious in the way that you work.  You have been deeply caring and infinitely patient as travelling companion on my journey this year. Thank you for your generosity on so many levels: giving of your energy, time, personal story, always offering 100% attention. You are indeed an angel!”

–       12th November 2008

“Life is amazing but sometimes due to a little mist or fog we can’t seem to remember how beautiful the world around us is. At this point we as spiritual beings forget that we can fly and soar above any of life’s little challenges. For this the universe has supplied us with a loving and caring helping hand, a soul with unconditional love for all. A being that chose to exist to mend broken wings and help in a way only you can. For you I am and always will be filled with gratitude and thankful for the circumstances that led me to you that helped me discover how amazing I am.”

– 8th December 2010