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When you read this be proud of yourself and know that it is safe to trust that all will be well.  You are on the right path and you have the courage to follow it and reach the outcome you want.

When we are faced with something painful, difficult or demanding, it is tempting to look for a shortcut, a way around or a way out.  We don’t want to have feelings which hurt or are uncomfortable and we don’t want to dwell on painful events or do things which are tough.

But the truth is that shortcuts and avoidance tactics never work.  When we try these, we only end up back in the same place we started from or somewhere equally bad.  Our path is going to be blocked until we face the same challenges again and this time, accept the experience and go through it.

The way out of any difficulty or painful event is to go through it, eyes wide open, with acceptance and love, even if you don’t know where it’s going to lead.  It’s about facing up to what needs to be faced, accepting what needs accepting and being willing to stick with something and see it through.  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  In this way, you will emerge the other side of it all, stronger and wiser and with no need to face that experience again.  You will come out in a different place, emotionally and spiritually, to the one you started from.  You will have gained vital understanding and awareness which will be of lasting value to you.

Whatever you are facing or going through right now, know that it came into your life to bring you valuable experience and to teach you things you need to know for the next steps on your life’s path.  Don’t resist or fight it and stop trying to figure out a way to carry on while avoiding it, for if you do this, you’ll only create more pain for yourself.

Instead, trust that no matter how hard it feels now, you can go through this and it will come to an end sooner than you think.  Follow the darkness and the light will appear.  There is resolution and peace ahead for you, so go forward with joy in your heart and know that you will never be given more to deal with than you can manage.

You are safe.